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Adaptive Skiing / Snowboarding: Through our program, adaptive equipment and instruction are available for just about every disability group:  3 and 4 Track Skiing, Mono and Bi-Ski, Blind and Hearing Impaired and Developmental Disabilities.  All lessons are one on one and are flexible based on the needs of each participant.

Adaptive skiing has become the sport of choice for thousands of challenged individuals and their families.  Technology, dedication and generosity have opened many doors previously closed to individuals with disabilities.  Snowshoe is proud to be part of the many programs nationwide that continue to push open the doors of opportunity.

People with a wide range of disabilities participate in skiing with their family and friends.  Skiing is enjoyed by people with spinal cord injuries, amputations, cerebral palsy, sight and hearing impairment, traumatic brain injury and development disourders, just to name a few.  The benefits of participation in challenging activities like skiing carry over into everyday life.  After a day on the slopes, no mountain seems too high to conquer!

What to bring: Warm, waterproof gloves and pants (side zip models are extremely helpful for sit-down skiers) are a must. A good fitting ski jacket, hat, face mask, goggles, sunglasses and sunscreen help to cover all wether conditions. Layering clothing is warmer than a single bulky jacket and allows greater mobility. Polypropylene and other high tech garments wick away perspiration and insulate well.

Prices include a lift ticket which is valid for the length of the lesson ONLY. Any adaptive equipment is provided free of charge. Rental skis are not included. On the day of the lesson the Program Director or the supervisor of the day has the right to cancel or postpone any lesson, if in their opinion the weather or the student’s present condition would create an unreasonable risk.

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